While looking for Polyurethane Spray Foam insulation, ensure that you get in touch with one of the top spray foam insulation contractors in India. Oriental insulations deploys highly trained professionals for installation of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation in a stress-free manner. Our professionals can advise you on which SPF fits your industry needs well, where it needs to be installed, and appropriate safety guidelines.

Industry and commercial premises make wide use of our SPF insulation services. Spray foam insulation is of two types- Open cell and close cell. 

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • It is better than fiberglass. Traditional fiberglass can protect from heating and cooling through conduction, spray foam protects against six forms of heat loss
  • High degree of moisture control
  • Lower chances of intrusion from pests, dust and pollen, and outside noise
  • High structural strength of a closed cell spray foam insulation
  • No joints, cracks or seams
  • They can withstand high temperatures
  • Low operating costs
  • Effective air sealing

Areas where SPF insulation is used

  • Wall systems in industries
  • Low slope roofing in industries. It is applicable to the undersides of aluminum, steel or asbestos roofs
  • Attic assemblies in industrial buildings
  • Basement insulation in warehouses
  • Insulation of a garage
  • Good acoustic insulation
  • Exhibition halls
  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Charitable or religious buildings
  • Football stadiums

Materials Used for spray foam insulation

  • A mixture of Polyurethane and Isocyanate foams
  • Cardboard
  • Phenolic injection foam
  • Icynene spray formula
  • Sealection 500 spray foam
  • Open cell and closed cell polyurethane
  • Enovate- Foam blowing agent from Honeywell
  • Polystyrene