If you are looking for a reputed Insulation Company in India, Oriental Insulation is the name that you can trust. Being in the service of insulation since 1982, our manpower is proficient in thermal insulation. With more than a decade of experience, we are the name in providing various services like repair, service, maintenance, and installation of everything around thermal insulation.

We are standing tall for years and therefore have been associated with big client names like Dabur, LIC, Vardhman Spinning Mill, Mother Dairy, Voltas, and Hyderabad Industries. Insulation services demand precision and engineering knowledge. Our professionals at work have the requisite skills and training to deliver the best insulation. There is not a second opinion about us being one of the premier Insulation contractors in India.


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Structural/ Building Insulation

Cold Rooms and Cold Storage

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Acoustic or Sound Proof Insulation

PUF Injection

Pre Insulated Sandwich Panels

Electric Heat Tracing


Fabrication Of All Type of Ducts

False Ceiling and Partition

Roof Insulation Contractors

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 Insulation Contractors & Service Providers

Many insulation contracts have been accomplished by our team. Hence, we are one of the most sought after Insulation Contractors in India. Our contracts have been with big names of India’s booming industries. Insulation needs the expertise of energy conservation technique applied in oil and natural gas industry. We proudly introduce our team when it comes to the perfection every industry looks for in thermal insulation. Our services are meant for all industry type like automotive, food etc. Ask for an Insulation Service Provider in India that has rooted its niche across the country is Oriental Insulation India. The point of difference between us and any other Insulation company is the level of quality in the project accomplishment.

For a strong building to be built, one needs to have a strong foundation. Similarly, for a full-proof thermal insulation, a service provider needs to have only the top quality materials in place. This is to ensure that there is no compromise in the temperature retention in the room.

We specialize in two other essential services; ducting and cladding. HVAC system or Heating, Ventilating and Cooling System mostly use the ducts while for giving a nice appearance to the clumsy wiring and pipes, cladding system is used. Many industries across the country have depended on us for the services. We believe in the best result with the best efforts, unlike any other service providers.

It is an honor for us being able to associate and be of help to top-notch power plants in India making us the Insulation Company in Delhi to seek. Be it any type of insulation, hot or cold, we are just a call away to be of your service.

Heard of Acoustic insulation? Not many service providers can provide acoustic insulation that is an insulation to prevent sound from exiting out of the room in a way that we do. We are one of the reputed Insulation Contractors in Delhi for big contracts coming our way for quality and expertise that we carry with us.







As we have been recognized for being one of the reputed insulation contractors in India, it is our job to ensure that all insulation work be carried out by teams of well-trained operatives who can ensure complete client satisfaction. We promise and deliver on the following parameters:

Quality Assurance-Quality is of prime importance and we can’t let go of that habit in us. The latest Indian Standard for Quality that is IS 14164 (2008) is applied for the insulation projects we have taken charge of.

Safety First-Safety of individual being two of the most important parameters that we follow, nothing has stopped us from being on the top.

For example, as per IS 1298-2 (2011), electrically insulating footwear is necessary for all.

Environmental Policy- It is our endeavor to minimize the effects of insulating materials on the environment. We make maximum use of renewable sources of energy.


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